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Through innovative construction techniques, exceptional people, consistent use of quality materials, as well as a dedication to safety, we have earned our reputation for excellence. We invite you to take a few minutes and see why StructureWorks is right for your next project.

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Expert erectors of wood, steel, composite roof systems, vertical wood framing and decking

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To increase project efficiency, estimates and design details are all computerized and can be quickly distributed between our offices, customers, and field sites. Adding the ability to handle even your largest projects. Our customers appreciate this assurance and our willingness to assist them at every level. We welcome your questions and inquiries, consulting with you at any stage of your project. As a result, we have a reputation in the industry for solid job planning, integrity, dependability, safety and quality.


Safety is never taken lightly by StructureWorks. We have actively improved our safety practices with innovations like the “Nely Hook” fall-restraint device and enhanced efficiency, quality and ergonomics with our advanced, state-of-art nailing machine. We also conduct periodic safety awareness meetings and offer positive incentives to our workers and foremen for jobs safely done. A disciplinary system and multiple-point drug testing round out our program, setting the standard in the industry.


Our customers expect that we will supply all of the equipment, materials and skills necessary to complete their projects. There are no gray areas. No confusion. A large measure of our success is that we also deliver a true dedication to service by:

  • Re-checking Plans and Components
  • Offering Design and Consulting Assistance
  • Giving Topical Engineering Advice on Structural Components
  • Teaming with Clients from Initial Concept Through Job Completion

Our Projects



Contractor: Matt Construction Architect: HO + K Burgess

Type: Office/Manufacturing Size: 75,000 Sq. Ft Location: Eugene, OR

The overall architectural design requirements for this project called for an intricate steel and wood installation creating an extremely high level of finish quality.



Contractor: Lease Crutcher Lewis Architect: GGLO Architects

Type: Office/ Leadership Center Size: 100,000 Sq. Ft. Location: SeaTac, WA

Washington Mutual’s Leadership Center project included a 60-day schedule reduction without compromising quality. With zero time loss, the project was brought ahead of time and on budget.

Our History


We began in 1981 as Wood-Lam Structures and recently became StructureWorks. Originally we were known as specialists in the installation and reselling of laminated wood products. Today, in order to provide a greater range of customer solutions, we have expanded our capabilities into steel, and composite roof systems, vertical wood framing, decking, and seismic upgrade services. We were the first in the Northwest to use panelization for wood and steel roof systems. By assembling components on the ground and lifting them into position we increase accuracy and efficiency safely.

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